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  • თანამშრომლობა ქუთაისის ამერიკულ კუთხესთან

    2021-11-22 14:04:36

    თანამშრომლობა ქუთაისის ამერიკულ კუთხესთან

    2021 წლის 19 ნოემბერს PMAG კლასტერმა და ქუთაისის ამერიკულმა კუთხემ თანამშრომლობის მემორანდუმი გააფორმეს.

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  • Ltd. “GKG Group” has joined the PMAG cluster

    2021-11-10 20:39:42

    Ltd. “GKG Group” has joined the PMAG cluster

    „GKG Group“ is a company that produces polyethylene bags. Which started operations in 2016. The company started operations in 2016. „GKG Group“ sells its products throughout Georgia through a various retails ("Two Steps" "Carrefour" "Nikora"), its own brand stores and online platform).

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  • Mini-Art - New member of the cluster from Imereti

    2021-11-10 20:22:22

    Mini-Art - New member of the cluster from Imereti

    "Mini Art" is a European and sophisticated cafe like Kutaisi on Galaktion Tabidze Street. This cozy cafe has all the special features that set a family business apart from other businesses - it is friendly and caring.

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  • Agrokonsortsium Tserovani

    2021-09-17 14:05:57

    Agrokonsortsium Tserovani

    The company "Agrokonsortsium Tserovani" is an entrepreneurial food factory established in 1994. Therefore, we have many years of production experience in three main areas: vegetable fats, cheese, and sauces. The factory is equipped with modern entrepreneurial lines.

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