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Ecowood is one of the largest importers of natural wood materials, wood processing varnishes and wood
preservatives in Georgia, with exclusive rights directly from the manufacturers. The company offers
customers more than 200 types of ecologically clean wood repair materials for home, cottage, restaurant,
or hotel renovation, which is evidenced by the company's slogan - "More ecology in our living space." The
company imports products from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, African countries, India, Indonesia and
Malaysia, as well as the company has local production.

Ecowood offers an assortment of products as well as different wood species, such as Siberian larch
(Listvinitsa), Arkhangelsk pine and spruce, Maykop oak, Kopit (Ifrani), eucalyptus, lime, tropical wood
species: Bankirai, Beli, Okum Andoug, Okan and others. All stages of production are standardized
following international requirements: ISO; FSC;

The company offers customers a wide selection, affordable prices, quality and environmentally friendly
products. Ecowood is the official partner of more than 20 world brands, representing companies such as
Altax (Sherwin-Williams), Weco, Bayris, Astra Trade, Bowi, Deck-Dry, Gwozdeck and others in Georgia.

The proposed profiled and assembled products are processed in compliance with all norms. All products
are dried in a modern German dryer and the final look is also given to German-made WINING machines.
The humidity of the product does not exceed 12%. The main goal of Ecowood is to create new values,
maintain business stability, improve product quality by introducing and using new, modern technologies.
In the showroom, you will find wooden facade materials, wall and ceiling panels, floor and terrace
materials, stair treads, wooden kitchen surfaces, wooden doors, sauna materials, processed dry planks of
different sizes, composite materials, wooden blinds, 3D decorative wall panels, installation Accessories
and more.