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Marneuli st. # 43, Tbilisi

Tel: 032 2 40 40 94



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Natural + Ltd has been successfully operating in the market for more than 10 years. In 2019, the company started the rebranding process, as a result of which the company name and logo were changed. Currently, on behalf of Georgian Dairy Products Ltd, the following products are produced under the brand name: Rdzisame 2.5% 0.4 kg, Rdzisame sour cream 15% 0.4 kg, Rdzisame sour cream 15% 0.18 kg, Rdzisame cottage cheese 4% 0.18 kg, Rdzisame milk 3.2%, Rdzisame milk 2.5%.

Georgian Dairy Products Ltd. is one of the Georgian companies in the dairy products sector,
which produces products in Georgia and is the third company in the market.

Georgian Dairy Products Ltd holds several certificates:

 Management System Standard, ISO 22000: 2005;
 Quality Management System 9001: 2015;
 Certificate of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points; (HACCP)

At the same time, the company is starting to expand the enterprise to make it possible to
produce more products, including plans to add new products. In particular, shortly will appear on the market dairy farm, yogurt, and more.

Ultimately, the company aims to be an even more successful and leading company in the dairy sector, delivering quality and good quality products to its customers.

PMAG Packaging Cluster operating in any part of the packaging supply chain, such as industrial packaging consumers, Accordingly, PMAG is pleased that another member Georgian Dairy Products Ltd has joined from Tbilisi.