Poliedro LTD

1 Mekanizatsia St.., Tbilisi 

E-mail: Poliedro2015@gmail.com

TEL: +995 558 775 745;

+995 555 768 444;

Web: www.poliedro.ge

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Our company - Poliedro LTD was founded at the end of 2012; the principal field of its activities was the import, rewind and sale of polyethylene stretch film in the local market. In 2015, within the framework of “Enterprise Georgia”, the company acquired the second-hand equipment via leasing from the German company Reifenhäuser, by which the company began the production and sale of local products - polyethylene stretch film - in Georgia. Over the course of 5 years, the company managed to absorb approximately 20-25% of the domestic market and today its main consumers are companies such as: Global Beer Georgia, Winery Khareba, Carrefour, Domino, Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking, Marniskari, Teliani Valley, Telavi Wine Cellar, Company Besini, Diplomat Georgia, Askaneli Brothers, PSP, Henkel, Gorgia, Nova, Pepsi, etc.

In 2017-2018 the company carried out export to Azerbaijan and Turkey; currently we provide export only to Turkey.

The number of employees working with the company is 20 persons, out of which the number of women is 2.

Our company annually introduces new technologies, which is consequently reflected the quality of production; the latter is being gradually improved.

By 2022, the company intends to acquire new, modern, the high throughput equipment that will further improve the product quality.