#30 Davit gareji Str. 

Rustavi. GEORGIA

TEL: + 995 322 63 12 21



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Founded in 2007, CAUCASPACK is the leading firm in the Georgian market in the production of disposable plastic packaging. In addition to its home market, CAUCASPACK successfully exports its products across the South Caucasus region and beyond.

Our production line is equipped with the newest, high-technology machines, allowing for the production of ecologically friendly products of the highest quality. The Company is staffed with experienced personnel and constantly improving the skills and qualifications of our team is our most important goal. Taken together, these qualities allow CAUCASPACK to deliver the highest standards of production and service to our customers.

CAUCASPACK understands the impact that plastic products have on the environment. Our company is committed introducing environmentally friendly products, via using 100% food grade recycled materials into the production. We work closely with our customers to educate them on importance of recycling.

CAUCASPACK consistently puts our customers first. We offer convenient options and competitive prices for the production and delivery of our goods. The production center of CAUCASPACK is in Rustavi and the firm's warehouses are located in various regions of Georgia to ensure consistent and speedy delivery.

Purpose and Mission:

The mission of CAUCASPACK is to increase the demand for our products by constantly innovating, introducing environmentally friendly practices and offering goods of the highest quality.

The Company's purpose is to earn the confidence of our customers, ensure their satisfaction with our products and services, and thereby maintain our leadership position in the market.