Polyvim LLC

Polyvim LLC

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2, D. Gamrekeli, Tbilisi, Georgia

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POLYVIM LLC is PET bottle recycling and Polyester Staple Fiber manufacturing in GEORGIA. The company is building a polyester synthetic fiber factory that uses raw polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) secondary bottles as a raw material in Tbilisi. Synthetic fibers are used in textile, furniture, clothing, and raw materials for these and other related fields. Approximately 900,000 tons of municipal waste is generated
annually in Georgia. By paying special attention to waste management, Georgia has set its national indicator, meaning that 100% of urban solid waste (municipal waste) will be regularly collected and 80 % well managed by 2030. Polyvim proudly would like to be part of this development and movement toward a better future.

Our main goal is to recycle PET (polyethylene bottles), PP, and PE plastic groups and create a value-added product. We believe that the development of our project and the industry is possible only with joint efforts.