Kutaisi University

Kutaisi University

Tsereteli St. 13, Kutaisi

Tel.: +995 (431) 23 79 79 

Email: info@unik.edu.ge 

Website: unik.edu.ge

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"LLC Kutaisi University is a Georgian, multi-profile, regional, private higher education institution operating in the European educational area. Mission of the university is to create and disseminate knowledge, prepare highly qualified and competitive graduates from all three levels of higher education with conscious and effective decision-making skills, with good faith and high civic awareness, national and universal values.  All the above-mentioned are enabled by encouraging unique characteristics of students and academic staff and promoting their development, providing teaching-learning and research, educational and recreational environment.
The university promotes professional, cultural, social and economic development of the region while being aware of its social responsibilities and involved in public and community activities."