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IE Levani Lekvinadze's company “LL STUDIO” is located in Kutaisi and operates in several main directions:
The initiative group "For Women's Rights" launches the project "Strengthening Women's Business Opportunities". The project will start in February this year and its coverage area will be Imereti region. The aim of the project is to promote the economic development of women entrepreneurs operating in the Imereti region and to interest young people in entrepreneurial activities. The target group of the project is women entrepreneurs and young people
P-M-G has been producing packaging materials from recycled waste paper since 2011. The company offers customers: 30 egg plates, 10 egg containers, disposable cup holders, paper containers for fruits and vegetables for markets, apple export packing plates. The products are fully biodegradable.
The company "Frutera" was founded in 2021 and represents the family business. The enterprise and orchards are located in the village of Dirbi, Kareli Municipality.
Colorpack is one of the most diversified printing enterprises in the region, which serves large local and international companies as well as small and medium entrepreneurs.
"Coffee friends since 2019" creates individual flavors of coffee for customers and has been selling in "Karvasla" in Kutaisi since 2019.