Inventors Club of Georgia

Inventors Club of Georgia

Inventors Club of Georgia
Village Kedi, Dedoplistskaro, Kakheti, Georgia
TEL.: +995 597 002 104; 555 167 770

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Inventors Club of Georgia is a not-for-profit organization officially registered on 12 April 2012. We help independent inventors, innovators, designers, and creative people to show, promote and implement their ideas, inventions, designs, artworks, etc. At the exhibitions in Georgia and abroad. We cooperate with different partners worldwide and participate in expositions, conferences, symposiums, and similar events.

 Establish a business partnership between inventors and entrepreneurs.
 Organize meetings.
 Offer professional consultation in patenting, technical, financial, legal, and other fields.
 Protects inventor’s rights and helps youth and woman innovators actively represent their projects for realization.

We strongly believe that only a creative mind can change our environment and life. Therefore we continue to support this task with our colleagues.

 The Club has created a structure with global networks and brokers to encourage the marketing of inventions.
 The Club offers members a group of experts to advise inventors and generate an action plan for marketing their inventions.
 The Club has an extensive database of patents and utility models globally to be prepared periodically. The inventor may always know what kind of inventions currently are on the market.
The information obtained as a result of this search is very beneficial because the inventor can decide whether to conduct a patent or not.
 The Club organizes invention-related events to publicize and promote invention throughout the
Spanish territory.