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"Mini Art" is a European and sophisticated cafe like Kutaisi on Galaktion Tabidze Street. This cozy cafe has all the special features that set a family business apart from other businesses - it is friendly and caring.

The interior of the cafe contains works by modern Georgian artists. But, these paintings are not just a part of the decoration, on the contrary, the paintings are placed on the wall with such honor and glory that you will feel that creativity is the main thing in this space and the rest is the decoration.
As for the menu, it's small as a “Mini Art” but creative and full. 

"Mini Art" is the best place for breakfast - after tasting the local croissants, the strength of Georgian-French relations becomes much more convincing.

The cafe is the most delicious place to eat - local ingredients are not enough, Spain and Italy are also called for help and with a combination of these rich flavors they contribute to a real European adventure for the customers.
And of course, with a wide selection of Georgian wines, this is the most enjoyable place to relax for dinner. 

In short, this mixture of Spanish, French and Italian tastes and visions is a real shelter in Kutaisi for lovers of Georgian, therefore European culture and standard.

"Mini-Art" is an industrial consumer of packaging materials, at the same time, a very demanding consumer, because, how she chooses these materials - constantly listens to customer recommendations and evaluations.