Gama LLC

Gama LLC

Didi Lilo, area 711, Tbilisi

Tel: 558 54 80 80


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Gamma LLC. was founded in 2018, the company aims to produce stationery and toys.

With the support of “Produce in Georgia” project in the company, fixed and working assets were
purchased, after which the first product was obtained after some test work, and from 2019, as a
manufacturing company, Gama LLC, operates in the domestic market and its main focus is stationery,
packaging materials and The toy manufacturer also conducts laboratory studies to create other products.
In 2020, the company additionally acquired equipment that has made a significant contribution to the
growth and development of packaging materials production and product range. In 2021, the company
made its first export to Azerbaijan.

According to the action plan for 2021, the enterprise plans to further develop the production of packaging
materials and toys, to master new segments, to replace imported goods with local production, which is
possible at the expense of increasing the range, as well as to increase exports.
The company's main partners within the country are toy and stationery chains and other enterprises that
use packaging materials produced by Gama LLC, while the company cooperates with Turkey, China and
Russia to purchase raw materials.