#14 Peikarta Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Ltd. "Megaplast" started its operation in 2013 on Georgian packaging market. Area of company’s activity covers producing plastic packaging for food and non-food industry and it produces different-size plastic containers. The company has been established with 100% Georgian capital and meets all modern food safety standards. "Megalpast" owns and uses machinery made by Italian, Swiss and German producers.

Our containers are used for dairy products, mayonnaise, honey, fish, olive, ketchups by Georgian producers as well as by producers of all kinds of paints, glue and other chemical products. Georgian processing companies already have ability and higher potential to use modern packaging and comply order quantity with their needs.

"Megaplast" is the only producer in Georgia handling IML (In Mould Labeling) technology.

Ltd. "Megaplast" is determined to continue sustainable growth and will constantly offer new products to customers. We are proud to do our bit in developing Georgian industry and contribute to the development of Georgian economy.