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About Company

LTD "Greenpack" was founded in 2015, based on the "Enterprise in Georgia" program. Given that in recent years, Georgia has increased the use of plastic bags, which causes serious problems to the environment and in fact of that, company's founders decided to carry out the local products, which would be the best alternative to plastic and reduced environmental damage. The aim of the company is to provide Georgian, quality products to promote healthy future, taking into consideration social responsibility and public health. All raw materials used in production are safe and approved for direct contact with food.

Activity field

The main area of LTD "Greenpack"  is producing and trading packaging products/ disposable tableware from paper and biodegradable materials.  The company is engaged in environmental activities across the country and facilitates the introduction of new high-tech and safe methods in the enterprise.

Partners and cooperation

Currently, LTD  "Greenpack" cooperates with the largest business companies in the country and has the opportunity to satisfy market demand across the country.

LTD "Greenpack" is the member of European Business Association and co-founder of the Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia.

Qualified staff  

LTD "Greenpack” pays special attention in promoting raising the qualification of the company staff, it is continuous process to retrain the staff in new methodologies.  At present, 50  peoples are employed in the company.

Modern hardware

Ltd "Greenpack" is equipped with modern material-technical base, that allows the company to produce a product according to international standards and simultaneously, the operation of the enterprise will not cause any damage to the environment. 

Benefits of Greenpack:

1. Reduces carbon footprint

Eco-friendly packaging will limit the use of carbon residue and leave your mark on environmental care.

2. Biodegradable

The "green packaging" not only reduces the carbon footprint, but its advantage is that it is easily biodegradable after use.

3. A versatile and flexible

Eco - friendly packaging is quite diverse and simultaneously it is multiple use. The packaging can be used for any kind of  needs of user - from meat packaging to electronic devices.

4. Improves your brand image

Eco - friendly packaging makes a good impression on your company. It shows, that you are interested in environmental protection activities. By using this packaging, the company raises its social responsibility. Recently, the majority of consumers are more positively appreciates those products, which packagings are safe.

5. Increases the number of users

The eco-friendly company attracts more customers who evaluate your decision to offer them a better product for their health.