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„GKG Group“ is a company that produces polyethylene bags. Which started operations in 2016. The company started operations in 2016. „GKG Group“ sells its products throughout Georgia through a various retails ("Two Steps" "Carrefour" "Nikora"), its own brand stores and online platform).
"Mini Art" is a European and sophisticated cafe like Kutaisi on Galaktion Tabidze Street. This cozy cafe has all the special features that set a family business apart from other businesses - it is friendly and caring.
The company "Agrokonsortsium Tserovani" is an entrepreneurial food factory established in 1994. Therefore, we have many years of production experience in three main areas: vegetable fats, cheese, and sauces. The factory is equipped with modern entrepreneurial lines.
Inventors Club of Georgia is a not-for-profit organization officially registered on 12 April 2012. We help independent inventors, innovators, designers, and creative people to show, promote and implement their ideas, inventions, designs, artworks, etc. At the exhibitions in Georgia and abroad.
Tchrebalo Wine cellar is a small boutique cellar specialized in unique wines from the region of Racha-Lechkhumi. The Cellar produces limited amount of wines of exceptional quality. Officially founded in 2017, the Tchrebalo Wine Cellar is located in the historical building in the village of Tchrebalo, Ambrolauri Municipality in the Khvanchkara micro-zone. Having many years of experience and tradition in winemaking, the owners of the company are th
Mildiani Family Winery is spirits company, which has joined the PMAG cluster under the name of one of the well-known brands, Tsinandali Old Cellar Ltd. The History of Mildiani Family Winery began in 1991. Four brothers who were enthusiastic and fool of love for wine-making established a company which has been developing until now despite of many difficulties.