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Bio Plast LTD is an importer of raw materials, which started operating in December 2020 and supplies packaging companies with the necessary raw materials. Currently, about 20 local companies use raw materials imported by Bio Plast in Georgia.
The company "Baia’s Wine" locate in Imereti, bagdati municipality, Village Obcha is a winery, which established in 2015 and continues a big family tradition of winemaking. The Abuladze family makes 8 types of wine from their own vineyards, which is cultivated in the best micro-zone of Imereti.
Herbia is a Global Gap certified company which grows herbs and vegetables without the use of fertilizers.The company weighs and packs its products and then distributes them in various supermarkets in Georgia. Herbia started operations in 2006 and soon became one of the leading producers of herbs and vegetables in Georgia.
MBM Polygraph is a printing house with 15 years of experience. The main activity of the company is complex advertising and printing services. The main direction of the enterprise is publishing, printing and design. Specifically: offset printing and digital printing - books, magazines, newspapers, posters, business cards, brochures, triplets, calendars, labels, food packaging boxes - In short, everything that standard printing service implies.
“ხავერდოვანი ჩაი”ჭიათურაში ადგილობრივი მაცხოვრებლის მიერ შექმნილი კოოპერატივია, რომელმაც 2016 წლიდან დაიწყო საქმიანობა. კოოპერატივი ჯამში 21 ჰექტარზე გაშენებულ ჩაის უვლის და სხვდასხვა ტიპის პროდუქტს აწარმოებს.
PMAG Packaging Cluster operating in any part of the packaging supply chain, such as industrial packaging consumers, Accordingly, PMAG is pleased that another member of Tbilisi Balneologic Resort LLC has joined from the Tbilisi.