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LL Plast has joined PMAG Cluster. The company LL Plast was established in 2003 in Telavi. At the initial stage the company mainly inflated and sold pet bottles. In 2009 the company started production and sale of polyethylene bags in the domestic market of Georgia. Since 2016, a new direction was added to the LL Plast production package, the production of PET preforms (capsules). The company currently employs 28 people.
“Biplast” has become PMAG’s new member. The company "Biplast" was founded in 2008, the company has been present in the market of polypropylene raw materials for twelve years. As of today, the company "Biplast" is one of the best companies in the production of polypropylene bags. “Biplast” is ready to provide partners with the best products with high quality and competitive ability. the motto of the company is high quality, low prices and relia
The company “Siamo” has joined the PMAG Cluster. Siamo is the trade brand name of Agricultural cooperative AGROSTORE. Agricultural cooperative Agrostore was established by people from various fields but with common idea to make ORGANIC FARM bringing together organic agriculture and organic architecture At their organic farm Siamo produces organic raspberries, persimmons and mixed vegetables. On the same time, Siamo is processing fresh produce
Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia (PMAG) has received a grant from USAID Economic Security Program and together with Georgian Technical Training Center (GTTC) of Georgian Technical University (GTU) will perform the 1-year project. The project will address the existing problem in the packaging sector of Georgia, which was clearly demonstrated in the Value Chain Prioritization and Gaps Assessment report prepared by DAI Global within
One of the main priorities of the PMAG Cluster is to train highly qualified personnel and to create industry competitive specialists for their employment. Based on this, on July 9, 2020, a cluster management organization established on the basis of the Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia (PMAG), signed a memorandum of understanding with Akaki Tsereteli State University.
PMAG Cluster has signed a memorandum of cooperation and partnership with Ukrainian “Regional Cluster of Polygraphic and Packaging Industry”. The subject of the memorandum is the establishment of cooperation between the parties in order to develop the Ukrainian and Georgian printing and packaging industries.