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Baia Food Ltd. is a new member of the cluster The brand "Baia" was established in Imereti, Zestaponi municipality and produces a wide range of nutritious porridges, cereals and other useful products from 100% natural raw materials. Baia product is made from local grains and fruits, it does not contain any artificial dyes, flavorings or preservatives.
SHILDA becomes PMAG member. SHILDA Winery was founded in 2014, but the story began yet many years ago. The winery is situated in the principal region of viniculture of Georgia – Kakheti, village Shilda. SHILDA's vineyards are located within one of the most prominent winemaking areas – Kindzmarauli zone. The special climate and diversity of the mineral-rich soil create unique natural conditions for grape growing. SHILDA Winery is created thr
Eco Georgia joins PMAG Cluster. Eco Georgia Ltd is the first enterprise in Georgia to produce bioplastic granules. The company uses specific technology patented in China. The technology involves the production of bioplastic PLA material from corn starch, which can be used to make both compostable bags and all types of disposable products made of high-pressure polyethylene.
Another company has joined the packaging cluster. This time, the cannery "Edena" became a member of PMAG. The company "Edena" is located in Imereti, Terjola and produces with natural fruits and vegetables. Edena canned food, marinades and sauces do not contain preservatives, they are made from high-quality Georgian products using modern technologies and following all the rules.
The PMAG cluster has joined the World Packaging Organization (WPO). On November 23-27 Board Meeting of the World Packaging Organisation was held. Among other issues, PMAG membership was discussed during the meeting. During previous meetings, the representatives of PMAG introduced the Georgian cluster to the President and Secretary-General of the WPO and discussed future cooperation plans. As a result of the negotiations, back in June, the PMAG
Bread House Tavtukhi has become a member of the PMAG Cluster. Tavtukhi is a company producing 6 different types of bread from endemic Georgian natural wheat, which has been baking bread on raw/natural yeast since 2017 according to the ancient Georgian traditional method. In the baking process, Tavtukhi does not use chemical/intensive yeast, that is why Tavtukhi bread fully retains all the dignity that wheat grains generally contain and is very