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Mildiani Family Winery is spirits company, which has joined the PMAG cluster under the name of one of the well-known brands, Tsinandali Old Cellar Ltd. The History of Mildiani Family Winery began in 1991. Four brothers who were enthusiastic and fool of love for wine-making established a company which has been developing until now despite of many difficulties.
The company "Okriba" is located in Tkibuli municipality. The total area of ​​tea plantations on the slopes of Nakerala is 55 hectares. The company employs pickers with traditional knowledge and experience.
"Itsis Marani" (based on the name of the village) is a family winery of the Gurgenidze, the confirmed beginning of which is the last quarter of the 19th century.
Ginventor manufactures the first Georgian USB cable in Georgia, which uses in production materials obtained from recycled bottle caps, polyethylene bags, and various plastic wastes - mainly HDPE, PP, PE, PVC.
The company "Mega Gold 999" was founded in 2018. Currently, it is one of the largest importers of scotch (adhesive tape) on the Georgian market. The company offers customers a wide range of scotch / self-adhesive tapes, quality products, and the most flexible delivery schedule.
Meat products company Forward has been operating in the Georgian market since 2018. Our assortment has united about 150 names of meat products, which can be tasted throughout Georgia. The variety of products implies one of the sizeable assortment of premium smoked sausages.