Organizational Objective

Enable corporate efficiency improvement of members through knowledge transfer, human capital development and access to technology/advisory services

Challenges and Opportunities

Industry participants experience shortage of qualified/unqualified human resources and opportunities for employee capacity building. Further difficulties are faced when looking for specific experts, technology/spare parts providers and providers of industry specific and general services. There is a vast untapped potential for cost cutting through activity coordination and negotiation of preferential terms for different services utilizing increased bargaining power of consolidated industry.


♦ Databases of: funding programs, potential employees, industry relevant services, experts, technology providers, fares, exhibitions and conferences ♦ Support and organization of trainings, study tours, joint programs with academia ♦ Platform for structuring and delivery of consolidated services: logistics, wastemanagement, procurement, certification, compliance etc. ♦ Negotiation of preferential terms for procurement of services/products from external service providers and vendors: support services, technology, expertize, capacity development etc. ♦

In order to achieve the targeted results, during the 2020-2023 period, the CMO will:

Create, maintain and ensure members’ access to databases of - Available (co) funding programs for the private sector; - Industry-specific human capital/potential employees; - Industry-specific/generic services and expertize; - Industry-specific technology providers; - Industry-specific events (fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and etc.), both local and international.

Establish a regular mechanism for surveying of members aimed at identification of critical common capacity gaps, needs and opportunities;

(human capacity and skills, access to resources, compliance with standards, technology, and etc.).

Raise financing and facilitate initiation of the initiatives (projects), aimed at filling the identified gaps (trainings, study tours, joint programmes with Academia, access to expertize, access to technology and etc.);

Establish a platform for structuring and delivery of consolidated services (logistics, waste management, procurement, certification, compliance, etc.), based on identified needs, and aimed at reduction of costs of the companies;

Establishment a platform for enabling a mechanism for negotiation and agreement of the preferential terms for delivery of services/products among the members of the Association;

Establish a platform for enabling a single-window access of members to preferential offers (support services, technology, expertize, capacity development etc.), provided by the external service providers and vendors.

Expected Results

Cluster members have direct and easy access to industry relevant databases

Cluster members have access to necessary training and capacity building services

Cluster members cut costs through collaborative efforts and greater bargaining power