Organizational Objective

Enable scale up and access to the markets through industry knowledge generation, enabling networking platform, and facilitating collaborative efforts

Challenges and Opportunities

Packaging industry experiences lack of internal communication and collaboration, which makes it problematic for industry participants to make use of economies of scale and achieve meaningful knowledge and capacity building beneficial for all players. Industry participants find it difficult to gain access to industry specific data, analytics and networking opportunities.


♦ Analytical reports on industry development and trends ♦ Access to sector-related knowledge - academic and/or applied publications and databases ♦ Bi-annual workshops for networking, communication and experience/knowledge sharing ♦ Support participation in relevant international events (exhibitions, conferences, and etc.) ♦

In order to achieve the targeted results, during the 2020-2023 period, the CMO will:

Enable comprehensive annual analysis of the industry, converging the Georgian packaging industry development trends, outlook of the overall business climate and vision of industry development needs and opportunities;

Enable regular (semiannual, quarterly) brief review (outlook) of the sector, providing a tool/channel for both promotion of the Cluster, and the informing the industry participants about important critical trends.

Conduct periodic studies on generic/specific aspects of the value chain state and potentials, aimed at identification of critical gaps and opportunities and facilitate initiation of the collaborative projects, aimed at filling the identified gaps and capturing the opportunities in the value chain;

Assure regular access of the Association’s member to the sector-related knowledge through subscriptions to relevant academic and/or applied publications and databases (either electronic or paper-based);

Establish a regular platform (workshops/seminars) for communication and experience/knowledge sharing among the members (as well as, potential members) of the Cluster;

Ensure the permanent partnership links with the Academia (local, regional), aimed at establishment of the sustainable platform for technology transfers and industry-oriented professional/higher education ecosystem.

Link Association to other relevant associations/clusters of Georgia to foster cooperation between companies of the wider packaging eco-system;

Establish a regular mechanism to support access of the members to various international events (exhibitions, conferences, and etc.), as a platform to enable access of members to the cutting edge technology and experience, cross-border opportunities and strategic partnerships;

Establish and sustain the communication platform, with ultimate goal to stimulate the substitution of imported products by local production.

Expected Results

Cluster becomes the main carrier of industry specific information, knowledge and expertize

Industry achieves meaningful growth and reaps benefits of economies of scale

Industry participants have greater access to  natitonal and  international events

Industry internal and external communication and networking  is improved

Industry value chain gaps are identified and closed