Organizational Objective

Enhance visibility and authority of industry through advocacy with Government and other institutions, such as donors and international organizations and through being active member of European cluster community

Challenges and Opportunities

Packaging industry is weakly represented in discussions and communication on governmental, donor and international organization and business community level. Packaging industry is subject to many existing and especially planned environmental and waste management regulations and needs strong advocacy to avoid damaging developments in regulatory framework. Furthermore, general image of the industry in consumer’s eyes is not necessarily favorable (mostly due to environmental concerns) and needs to be carefully managed.


♦ Cluster website ♦ Advocacy of industry interest ♦ Organization of international/national events ♦Joint CSR activity planning ♦

In order to achieve the targeted results, during the 2020-2023 period, the CMO will:

Ensure elaboration and maintenance of the brand of the Cluster;

Ensure development and maintenance of the multilingual web-site of the Cluster, providing comprehensive information about its members, the industry, Cluster’s activities, achievements and future plans;

Elaborate the membership strategy and ensure expanding of the Association through proactive communication/attraction of the value chain participants;

Ensure presence and active promotion of the cluster and its services in strategic regions of Georgia (Kakheti, Imereti);

Establish and maintain the intensive communication with organizations (international donor organizations and programmes, NGOs, embassies, and public agencies), offering various (co) funding programs for the private sector;

Work closely with international donor organizations to enable raising of funds (grants), supporting implementation of planned project and activities;

Ensure integration of the Georgian Packaging Cluster into the European clusters’ ecosystem to enable continuous guidance and exchange of experience, as well as to enable access of the member to the wider international networks;

Facilitate active engagement of the Association and its members to the Private Public Dialog (PPD) processes through proactive communication with the relevant Governmental bodies, international donor organizations (supporting the PPD processes), and other professional/business associations, as well as through (co) organization of and participation in various PPD events;

Set up, promote and maintain the regular annual international event (conference/exhibition), aimed at promoting achievements of the industry locally and internationally and establishing of the regular (annual) cross-industry and cross-border networking platform;

Design, facilitate and implement the joint CSR projects with member companies, aimed at establishment of the attractive image of the industry;

Expected Results

Cluster is present at all priority events

Cluster is strongly involved in discussion of relevant regulations

Cluster visibility is increased amongst governmental bodies, donor and international organizations, business community and general public

Cluster reaches critical mass of members

Cluster is integrated into the European cluster ecosystem