Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia has transformed into the Cluster

Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia has transformed into the Cluster

Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia (PMAG) has become a beneficiary of the project - "EU Innovative Action for Private Sector Competitiveness in Georgia”, on the basis of which a cluster of packaging manufacturers has been created.

The project is implemented in cooperation with European Union and United Nations Development Program four agencies (United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM)) and serves to increase the competitiveness of the Georgian private sector.

In particular, the project aims to modernize entrepreneurship and business to strengthen the capacity of government and local organizations to develop and operate specific clusters and supporting companies. To achieve this goal, the project will help to establish better links between strategic investments and companies and with diaspora groups.

Under the framework of the project, with the support of the EU and the UNDP, a PMAG Cluster was established on the basis of the Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia, which will unite networks of businesses, consumers, suppliers, educational institutions and other companies associated with this field, which in turn will contribute to the development of the packaging sector. Through the cluster of packaging manufacturers, it will be possible to optimize supply chain costs, stimulate the creation of the new companies, and to overall increase innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

The project will last until the end of 2023. During this period, based on the basis of Packaging Manufacturers Association of Georgia, according to the priorities, it will be identified and adopted:

  • A cluster approach;
  • The development of strategic investment;
  • The support of packaging companies.

On the basis of the PMAG Cluster, discussions have already begun on the development of a corporate business environmental responsibility, which is related to the adoption of the new Georgian Waste Management Code, about the implementation of the extended producer responsibility and increased requirements for energy efficiency.