LTD  Agroline

LTD Agroline

Address: Gurjaani, village Chumlaki

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LTD “Agroline” is part of a business group whose field of activity is walnut growing and
processing. The organization owns 225 hectares of walnut orchards and processing
plant since 2015, which started operating in 2020. Walnut processing factory is located
in Kakheti, in the village of Chumlaki. It is equipped with ultra-modern machines and is
designed for processing walnuts according to European standards.
The enterprise also has a walnut crushing line. The final products obtained from the
processes are dried walnuts and walnuts, which meet the modern standards and quality
in force in the world.
2020 was the first year of commercial harvest and export of walnuts to the EU market,
in particular to Portugal.