Teliani Wine Cellar

Teliani Wine Cellar

Village Tsinandali, Telavi, Kakheti

+995 568 70 00 22

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Teliani Wine Cellar Ltd was established in 2016 based on the old Teliani Wine Factory (which was established in 1953 as the main red wine factory) in the Kakheti region.

Currently, the main activity of the company is the production and sale of wine and spirits. At this stage, the company employs 15 people (including 1 woman).

The company owns 15 hectares of its vineyards (10 hectares in Rkatsiteli, 5 hectares in Saperavi) and produces two types of wine, which are poured into two different 3 and 5-liter plastic containers.

The products of Teliani Wine Cellar Ltd. are available only in the domestic market of Georgia, however, in the future, the company plans to develop and export the enterprise.